Health Care Collaboration – The Future of Healthcare

Times are changing! Health care costs are rising. The US is not leading the charge in health care performance. Insurance providers are putting the squeeze on coverage. At the end of the day, patients are left to navigate a complicated health care system during a time of crisis. 

Professionals in the medical community are seeing the writing on the wall. Change must happen! This is an exciting time to be part of the medical community as different organizations work to innovate. Many providers see health care collaboration as the the answer to the some of the systemic health system issues. 

Post Hospital Support

Studies show, when patients leave the hospital, they are less likely to return if there is a strong support network waiting for them. When patients leave the hospital, they are often in a daze. 

Hospital staff does a great job taking care of people but often changes in behavior take time for patients to process. Without reinforcement information gets lost and confused. 

I can’t count the number of times I have gone to a client’s home after discharging from hospital to learn they have no idea what to do next. Having a health crisis is scary and overwhelming. It takes time and support for people to make changes that support better health and healing.

Concept Founder – Jonna Overson

Emerging Solutions

Golden Age Integrative Network emerges as a new model for health care collaboration.  GAIN connects at all the professional services that must be in place once a person leaves the hospital system and works to create a seamless flow between providers. Patients can leave the hospital with confidence that they can find all the resources they need to create a safe and supportive home environment. 

GAIN members learn about each other’s services and work together to ensure patients and clients have access to high quality providers. The goal is to eliminate holes in the patient support system. 

I believe, when health care service providers work together, people stay healthier.

Concept Founder – Jonna Overson

Interdisciplinary health care collaboration is one strong option for health care reform. Insurance providers have shifted the payment focus from service visits to outcomes and health. More service providers will be asking, “how can I support my patients better”?

Now is the time to consider healthcare collaboration as the future of healthcare! 

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