About Us

Golden Age Integrative Network – GAIN – came from a simple realization. When senior care services don’t communicate with each other about the needs of patients or client, there is a hole in continuity of care. We often cite the example from one of our founders.

We do client assessments as part of every intake. We make suggestions about needed equipment and supplies that will improve the home environment. Often, families do not follow through with those suggestions because they are busy and overwhelmed.

We made it our mission to make this process easier for our clients. We found an equipment business we respected and met with their entire team. We spoke with the owner about our expectations when working with our clients and how they can support a safe home environment.

Conversations sparked a partnership that makes it easier for our clients to get what they need without stress. We created a referral sheet with the client’s suggested equipment and supplies. Our medical company partner will also visit the client for a free home eval and deliver supplies. Now our clients have a vetted resource they can turn to with confidence!

Concept Founder – Jonna Overson

This experience supported the belief that integrating services and systems creates better outcomes for our clients and patients. When we integrate and work together there is a clear hand off from one provider to another. The “not my job or role” mentality goes away and “I have a solution for you” becomes the norm.

When we, as senior care service providers, work together, people stay healthier!

Concept Founder – Jonna Overson

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