Member Categories

GAIN members are unified in the mission to serve the senior adult population. Members provide services or support products designed to keep clients and patients safe, cared for, and comfortable at home.

While the GAIN organization is open to considering all categories that service the senior client, here is a list of the most common categories.

  • Home Health Care – Medical based services reimbursed by Medicare and provided by licensed professionals.
  • Hospice – Medical based services reimbursed by Medicare with a clinical focus on comfort and emotional support.
  • Home Care – Non-medical caregiving service supporting daily activities like meal preparation, light house keeping, transportation, personal care, and companionship. Home Care is paid privately, by Long Term Care Insurance or by authorized VA benefits.
  • Geriatric Care Managers – Care management provided by a licensed professional trained to help families navigate difficult medical, living, and planning decisions. They often act as a hub for communication. There services are generally privately paid.
  • Placement Advisors – Professionals who scout and recommend senior living communities, board and cares, and home care providers. This service is free to clients and professionals are paid by communities once a move-in occurs.
  • Durable Medical Equipment and Supplies – Sellers provide specialty equipment for people who need medical supplies or disposable products that promote independence, safety, and health.
  • Private Physical Therapy – Experts provide in-home therapy and exercise support to improve health and mobility.
  • Adult Day Programs – Programs designed to engage senior adults with dementia and provide cognitive and social stimulation as well as provide respite for care givers.
  • Community Support Programs – Free, low cost, and community based programs that fill gaps in care, transportation, support, and resources. 

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