GAIN Comes to San Diego!

San Diego is now home to the first chapter of the Golden Age Integrative Network dubbed GAIN. GAIN is a network of businesses that provide products, services, and support to senior adults and their families. 

“Usually older adults or their families reach out to our company when there has been an accident or cognitive changes have made staying at home without support difficult or dangerous. Families and clients often feel overwhelmed and in crisis mode. They know a change must happen but are not sure exactly what that should be!

GAIN creates a unified network of providers that cover all the needs or conflicts that might arise when a client is in that crisis mode. The idea is that we never say – sorry I can’t help you. Instead we can say, yes, I have a great resource that does exactly what you need!”

Concept Founder – Jonna Overson

GAIN goes farther than most networks in the senior services community. Members are not tied to a particular hospital or insurance contract. GAIN members may be medical insurance based or private pay. Referrals within the network are never paid and are given to all companies within the category so clients can choose the service they connect with best. 

One of the guiding principles of GAIN is that patients and clients must have choice in their health care journey. Each member category has openings for 3-4 different providers. Competition and collaboration are encouraged to create the best outcomes for clients and patients. 

GAIN members are selected based on their reputations for customer satisfaction and quality of service. Only the highest performing companies are invited to join GAIN. GAIN membership is not guaranteed, and members must retain certain standards for communication and client satisfaction in order to remain in GAIN.

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